1st Edition

Women And Group Psychotherapy
Theory And Practice

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ISBN 9781572300989
Published December 4, 1996 by Guilford Press

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Book Description

Within the traditional group psychotherapy literature, spanning over 60 years to the present, there is little, if any, mention of the social category of gender as an important variable in group psychotherapy. Likewise, within the feminist literature, there are no texts which offer a theoretical and practical framework for the integration of feminist theory with psychodynamic group psychotherapy theory and practice. This book comprehensively analyzes and explores gender-oriented psychodynamic group psychotherapy and expands the basic tenets of psychodynamic feminist practice. The contributors explore from various perspectives the dialogue between the social construct of gender and psychodynamic theory and process, as well as its impact on leadership and process in psychotherapy groups. This book will be of interest to a wide range of professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, family therapists, and couple therapists, as well as scholars and students of women's studies.

Table of Contents

DeChant, Introduction. Part I: Philosophical Perspectives on the Feminist Approach. Reed, Garvin, Feminist Thought and Group Psychotherapy. Grunebaum, Smith, Women in Context(s). Goldberger, Ways of Knowing. DeChant, Commentary. Part II: Theoretical Perspectives on the Treatment of Women in Groups. Reed, Garvin, Feminist Psychodynamic Group Psychotherapy. Developmental Themes. Cohn, Narcissism in Women and Groups. Bernardez, Conflicts with Anger and Power in Women's Groups. Doherty, Moses, Perlow, Competition in Women. Treatments of Choice. Schoenholz-Read, Sex Roles Issues. Bernardez, Women's Therapy Groups as the Treatment of Choice. Oakley, Short-Term Women's Groups as Spaces for Integration. Cunningham, Knight, Mothers, Models, and Mentors. DeChant, Commentary. Part III: Leadership and Training Issues Research. Wright, Gould, Research on Gender-Linked Aspects of Group Behavior. Kravetz, Maracek, The Personal is Political. Part IV: Ethics and Values. Schoener, Luepker, Boundaries in Group Therapy. Bernardez, Gender-Based Countertransference in the Group Treatment of Women. Part V: Leadership. Rosenberg, Comparative Leadership Styles of Male and Female Therapists. Kahn, Coleadership Gender Issues in Group Psychotherapy. Olarte, Cross-Cultural Issues in Group Psychotherapy. DeChant, Commentary.

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"I consider this book to be the best book that attempts to extend the ideas that have originated in feminist psychology and psychotherapy to group psychotherapy. This is not often done and is done here very well. The chapters are very thoughtful presentations of the underlying gender issues that exist in group psychotherapy. Everyone, regardless of theoretical orientation, who conducts group therapy should read this book, particularly if they are not already cognizant of the significance of gender issues in psychotherapy." - Hannah Lerman, Ph.D.

"This groundbreaking book is the most comprehensive text on this topic in print. It brings together, under one cover, some of the most important authors and clinicians involved in the treatment of women in group psychotherapy. A very valuable resource for all clinicians, this book should be required reading in all training programs in the mental health field." - Nancy Boyd-Franklin, Ph.D., Rutgers University