1st Edition

Recent Developments in Operational Research

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ISBN 9780849324284
Published May 20, 2002 by Narosa
435 Pages

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Book Description

This volume brings out recent developments and current activity in different areas of operational research. The topics covered include the following major areas: mathematical programming, queuing theory, reliability and maintenance, inventory and production control, statistical methods, networks and sequencing, and information technology. Recent Developments in Operational Research will be of considerable value and interest to operational researchers, both theoreticians and practitioners, as well as a reference source for research workers.

Table of Contents

Operations Research for a Better Tomorrow. Effect of Overload and Repair Rate on Reliability and Availability of a Power Plant. A Paradox in a Fixed Charge Transportation Problem. Role of Information in the Interaction of Two Statisticians: Some Game Theoretic Considerations. An Invertory Model Under Inflation for Stock Dependent Consumption Rate and Erlang Distribution Deterioration. Duality for Fractional Min-Max Satisfaction Programming Problems. Nonsmooth Invexity and Duality for Multiobjective Programs. Availability Analysis of a Non-Markovian System with Parallel Repairs Operating Under Fluctuating Environments. A Heuristic Approach to the M. G. 1 Queue with Generalized Vacation Under a Threshold Schedule. JIT and Its Application in Indian Industry. Reengineering Quality Systems Through Information Technology. Availability Analysis of Butter Manufacturing System in a Dairy Plant. An Inventory Model Under the Influence of Marketing Policies with Variable Markup Under Price Change Anticipation. Time Domain Regression Estimation of a Fractionally Differenced ARIMA Model. Heuristics for Scheduling in Flowshops to Minimize Makespan. Second Order Mixed Symmetric and Self Duality in Mathematical Programming. Cost Analysis for Repairable Units Under Hybrid Warranty. Mathematical Models for the Analysis of Nuclear War Scenarios Between Two Countries. Optimum Setting for a Parameter Operating Under Trend. Modelling, Allocation and Control of Resources: An Interdisciplinary Approach in Software Reliability and Marketing. Some Comments on the Probabilistic Dynamic Invertory Problems with Piecewise Cost Functions. Aggregation of Opinions for System Selection Under Fuzzy Environment. Paths in a Proten Communication Network. A Note on Quadratic Bilevel Programming. Scheduling Multiple Batch Processors in a Steel Foundry. Response Time in an M/G/1 Queueing System with Bernoulli Feedback. On Second Order Symmetric Duality in Mathematical Programming. On Generalized Nonconvex Second Order Duality for Vector Minimization Problems. Numerical Solution of Optimal Control Problems with Equality and Inequality Constraints via Controlled Random Search Technique. What is Mond-Weir Duality. Mathematical Models in Marketing Mangement. Indicators of Information Revolution. Modeling and Simulation of a Proposed HRC Loading System for an Integrated Steel Plant. On Busy Period Density of the Queue M/Gb/1: Lattice Path Approach. A Bivariate Test for Two Sample Location Problem. Permutation Polyhedra and Minimizing Flow Time of Deteriorating Jobs. Urban Transport Scene in India. Robust Control Charts: Use of the Robust Estimate of Scale. Constrained Multiobjective Integer Programming Problem. Stochastic Petri Nets and Their Applications to Performance Analysis of Computer Networks

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