1st Edition

Radiation Sensitizers
A Contemporary Audit

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ISBN 9780849310195
Published November 6, 2001 by Narosa
86 Pages

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Book Description

In spite of years of clinical research and trials of a variety of new and promising therapies, cancer remains as a major cause of morbidity and mortality. Use of ionizing radiation in treatment of cancer quickly followed the discovery of X-rays and radioactivity at the dawn of the last century. The limited success of radiotherapy has been attributed to several factors if which the intrinsic radioresistance of tumor cells, their fast reproduction, and tumor hypoxia are the major causes.

Radiation Sensitizers: A Contemporary Audit presents data on newer hypoxic cell sensitizers like senazole and deal with old molecules such as chlorpromazine in a new role of sensitization. Bringing together information scattered throughout published and unpublished literature, the book contains contributions from an international panel that examines new therapies and new uses of old therapies. It contains tables and diagrams that illustrate the concepts and make the information easy to find.

Table of Contents

The Clinical Efficacy of Hypoxic Cell Radiosensitizers: The Beautiful and the Ugly Facts, R. Sarin and K.A. Dinshaw
Cellular Membrane in Modulation of Radiation Damage and Improvement in Cancer Therapy, B.B. Singh
Chlorpromazine - A Hypoxic Cell Sensitizer: A New Role for an Old Drug, N.G. Huilgol
Mitomycin C (MMC) and Radiotherapy, W. Dobrowsky
In Vivo Disposition and Elimination Kinetics of Senazole Following Intravenous and Intraarterial Administrations in Cancer Patients, R. Mathew, C.K.K. Nair, and N.G. Huilgol
Nitrotriazole-Spermidine Conjugate: A DNA Selective Radiosensitizer, C.K.K. Nair, R. Mathew, S.R. Venkatachalan, N.G. Huilgol, and S. Kapoor
AK-2123: An Overview, N.G. Huilgol
An Early Experience with AK-2123 Administered Intra-arterially in the Treatment if Recurrent Hemorrhaging Cancer of Cervix, N.G. Huilgol, A. Soni, C.K.K. Nair, R. Mathew, and N.A. Chatterjee
An Overview of Radiosensitizers, G.K. Rath, P.K. Julka, and D.K. Parida
Radiosensitizer for Hypoxic Tumour Imaging, S. Murugesan, S.J. Shetty, O.P.D. Noronha, A.M. Samuel, T.S. Srivastava, and C.K.K. Nair

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