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Multi-Drug Resistance in Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases

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ISBN 9780849309830
Published December 6, 2001 by Narosa
282 Pages

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Book Description

The recent appearance of multi-drug resistant phenotypes has complicated the efforts to completely eradicate diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria, thus underscoring the need for new and innovative scientific approach to the problem. Multi-Drug Resistance in Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases highlights the state-of-the-art in microbial/parasite control and containment, and discusses ways and means of avoiding development of drug resistance. It explores strategies to combat the nightmare of microbial aggression and resistance and to overcome multiple drug resistance when it emerges in microbial organisms or in cancer cells exposed to chemotherapy.

Written by a panel of experts, the book gives you the benefits of both field and clinical experience as well as an in-depth know-how of the pathology of these drug resistant diseases. Topics include malaria, tuberculosis, cholera, leprosy, diarrhoeal diseases, nosocomial diseases, plague, and drug resistance and cancer. Multi-Drug Resistance in Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases provides a foundation for new initiatives and more collaborative efforts in the fight against resistance to antibiotics by micro-organisms.

Table of Contents

Drug Resistance in Cancer, J.P. Marie
MDR: Its Impact on Treatment of AIDS and TB, N.K. Ganguly and V.M. Katoch
Current Pandemics of Cholera and Strategy of Cholera Vaccines, J.-M. Fournier
Emerging Clones of Vibrio Cholerac and Multi-Drug Resistance, P. Garg, A. Basu, T. Ramaurthy, C. Sharma, S. Maiti, A. Ghosh, S.K. Bhattacharya, Y. Takeda, and G.B. Nair
Emergence of Plasmid-Mediated Antibiotic Resistance in Yersinia Pestis, A. Guiyoule, G. Gerbaud, C. Buchrieser, M. Galimand, L. Rahalison, S. Chanteau, P. Courvalin, and E. Carniel
Progress and Prospect of Chemotherapy Research in Leprosy, M.D.B. Ji
Diagnosis of Leprosy in India, U. Sengupta
New Drug Targets in Tuberculosis, J.L. Herrmann and P.H. Lagrange
Newer DNA Fingerprinting Techniques for Tuberculosis-Relevance in Control, V.M. Katoch, D. Singh, D.S. Chauhan, V.D. Sharma, H.B. Singh, R. Das, and K. Srivastava
The Molecular Basis of Isoniazid Resistance in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, B. Heyn
Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Studies on Gene Regulation, Pathogenesis and Development of Recombinant BCG Vaccines, A.K. Tyagi and S. Jain
Progress for Deciphering Mycobacterium tuberculosis Pathogenicity, J.-M. Reyrat and B. Gicquel
Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, N. Selvakumar
New Targets for Malaria Drug Development, A.V. Pandey and V.S. Chauhan
Molecular Aspects of Chloroquine and Antifols Resistance in Plasmodium falciparum, J. Le Bras and R. Durand
Import of Host Enzymes into the Malarial Parasite can be a New Drug Target, Z.Q. Bonday and G. Padmanaban
New Drugs Against Malaria with Special Reference to Effectors of the Plasmodial Phospholipid Metabolism, H.J. Vial, V. Vidal-Sailhant, M.L. Ancelin, S. Herbute, D. Martin, F. Baunaure, and M. Calas
Status of Drug Resistance in Malaria in India, V.P. Sharma
Antimalarial as Drug Resistance in Africa: Epidemiological Background of a Disaster, J.F. Trape
Can India Control the Spread of HIV/AIDS? T.J. John
A Strategy to Control the Emergence of Antimicrobial Resistance, H. Richet
New Trends in Opportunistic Infections in HIV Patients, D. Sereni
Opportunistic Fungal and Mycobacterial Infections in Cancer Patients, R. Kelkar
Pathogenicity of Enterovirulent Escherichia coli, A.L. Servin
Multi-Drug Resistant Salmonella typhi: The Problem and Possible Solutions, M.V. Jesudason
P53, BCL-2 and Drug Resistance in Cancer, A. Therwath
Multiple Drug Resistance in Cancer, A.H. Bhisey
Diagnostic Tools in Clinical for MDR, S. Chevillard, J. Ronert, and J.P. Marie
Multi-Drug Resistance in Acute Leukaemias, M. Bhargava, S. Gurbuxani, J.-P. Marie, and A. Therwath
Multiple Drug Resistance in Solid Tumors, P. Vielh
Multi-Drug Resistance: Therapeutic Regimen Against Bacteria and Virus Cells, A.V.R. Rao

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