1st Edition

Iso 9001
2000 for Small Business: Implementing Process-Approach Quality Management

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ISBN 9781574443073
Published June 28, 2001 by CRC Press
576 Pages 230 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

ISO 9001:2000 for Small Business Management: Implementing Process-Approach Quality Management demonstrates how a process-approach quality management system performs in the real work environment. The book gives you an ISO based quality management tool, featuring the year 2000 requirements for ISO 9001. It includes the quality system manual, the operating procedures, and the forms that small to mid-sized businesses need. All this makes it possible for you to use this system immediately - without having to hire costly outside consultants.
Gaal introduces a system for managing product quality problems through prevention - examining every stage of a product's life cycle - instead of just focusing on manufactured goods at the end of the production line. The author identifies the core departments that impact the planning, implementing, and executing of the customer's purchase order requirements from the beginning to the end of the product's life-cycle. The Quality Systems Manual and the Quality Operating Procedures streamline the process for small business applications where low overhead and multiple job assignments dominate.
The most important part of manufacturing is the shop. This is where the product is made and where the problems are concentrated. Problems come in documents, processes, and methods with different impact on product quality or the way you achieve it. Using an innovative approach, ISO 9001:2000 for Small Business: Implementing Process-Approach Quality Management shows you how to resolve these issues.

Table of Contents

General Information
The Training Metrics
The Quality System Manual
The Quality Operating Procedures
The Forms
Conversion Methods
Training Metrics
Training Metrics QOP 001 - Contract Review
Training Metrics QOP 002 - Control of Document and Data
Training Metrics QOP 003 - Control of Purchases
Training Metrics QOP 004 - Control of Customer Supplied Products
Training Metrics QOP 005 - Product Identification and Traceability
Training Metrics QOP006 - Inspection and Test Control
Training Metrics QOP 007 - Control of Inspection, Measuring, and Test Equipment
Training Metrics QOP 008 Control of Inspection and Test Status
Training Metrics QOP 009 - Control of Nonconforming Products
Training Metrics QOP 010 - Internal Quality Audits
Training Metrics QOP 011 - Management Review
Training Metrics QOP 012 - Performance Standards (Put-Thru)
Quality System Manual
Overview to the Quality System Manual
Quality System
Contract Review
Design Control
Document and Data Control
Control of Customer Supplied Product
Product Identification and Traceability
Process Control
Inspection and Testing
Control of Inspection, Measuring, and Test Equipment
Inspection and Test Status
Control of non-conforming Product
Corrective and Preventive Action
Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation, and Delivery
Control of Quality Audits
Statistical Techniques
Quality Operating Procedures (QOP)
Quality Operating Procedure 001 - Contract Review
QOP 002 Control of Documents and Data
QOP 003 - Control of Purchases (internal)
QOP 004 - Control of Customer Supplied Product
QOP 005 - Product Identification and Traceability
QOP 006 - Inspection and Test Control
QOP 007 - Control of Inspection, Measuring, and Test Equipment
QOP 008 - Control of Inspection and Test Status
QOP 009 - Control of Non-Conforming Products
QOP 010 - Internal Quality Audits
QOP 011 - Management Review
QOP 012 - Performance Standard (Put-Thru)
Forms Manual
Purchase Order Review Sheet
Maintenance Record
Quality Operating Procedure Blank
RFQ Worksheet
RFQ, PO, and Amendment Log
Non-Conforming Material Report (NCMR)
Non-Conforming Material Report Register
Job Traveler
Amendment to Procedures
Document Issuance Control (QSM, QOP)
Control of Customer Documents
Rejected Material Ticket
Acceptance Material Ticket
Hold Ticket
Record of Received Materials
Training Log
Purchase Order (internal)
Inspection Report
Inspection Report Continuation Sheet
Calibration and Status Record
Audit Schedule
Audit Plan (Reporting)
Rework/Repair Record
Waiver Report
Shipping Log
Supplier Survey Questionnaire
Material Identification Tag
Packing Slip
Certificate of Conformance
Receiving Log
Issue and Traceability of Customer Drawing
Password and Inspection of Stamp Control
Operator Product Verification Record
Management Review Status Record
Supplier Survey Form (short form)
Source Inspected Product Approval
Supplier Corrective Action Request
Customer Complaint and Evaluation Report
Training Evaluation Sheet
Appendix 1 - Matrix to Show Alignment of the QSM to ISO 9001/2000
Appendix 2 - Book Recommendation
Appendix 3 - Lessons Learned Sheet
Appendix 4 - Book Summary

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"This is truly a quality throughput system from the beginning to the end in a product's manufacturing cycle. The written communications tools in this book, especially flowcharting, targeting core departmental interactions in maintaining the achievement of product quality in line with customer requirements, are superbly followed through. Process ownership becomes part of the job in each process assignment from the contract activities to the shipping dock. I would call this book the show me how to do handbook in managing product quality in cross-functional organizations. Up-front problem prevention is the name of the game in this book. I love it."
Alex Dreiling, President, Amigo Corporation